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Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

In present times, the development of vacuum pumps is constantly increasing due to their various applications. The general vacuum pump does not meet the requirements of an oil-free, corrosion-free, and clean environment. Thus, dry vacuum pumps are the latest demanded product in the market and it has replaced vacuum pumps. Everest vacuum pump technology offers a number of measurable benefits in various industrial applications. Dry vacuum pumps are ideal for low and medium vacuum applications in various industries and are a type of pump that does not require any liquid to create a vacuum. It works without oil and water and therefore it is the most reliable environment-friendly equipment. Special benefits of this pump give reliable, safe, and cost-effective results by eliminating pollution and high maintenance charges. Our products are ideal and efficient for all areas requiring an oil-free vacuum. The pumping speed of Dry Screw pumps ranges from 100 to 2500 m3/h.

Everest Vacuum has been continuously developed and optimized over the years by emphasizing efficiency and operational reliability and our pumps are highly efficient for various industrial applications. The various product models represent years of experience in vacuum technology and give key design advantages. Everest Vacuum pumps are available in several models with a variety of features to meet your requirements. Our dry screw vacuum pumps are ideal for single pump use or in combination with other vacuum devices to meet your requirements. Innovative designs of pumps result in low stress of the seals and bearings. Everest Vacuum Pump brings ideal solutions for all your industrial requirements with innovative design. There is in contact “NO OIL / NO WATER” with the process vapors, so these products are considered extremely environment friendly.

dry screw vacuum pump

Everest Vacuum Pump is used in various industries like:

  • Printing and coating Industries.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Petrochemical Industries.
  • Refineries.
  • Agro products industries.
  • Polymer Industries.
  • Food Industries.
  • Electronic Industries and so on.

Salient Features:

  • These are highly reliable as they have few components and no wearing parts.
  • This can operate easily and smoothly as it has no unbalanced inertia force.
  • Strong adaptability is the main feature of Dry pumps. It has the feature of forced gas transmission that can maintain a high pumping speed with high pressure.
  • There is very little space between the tooth surfaces of the Dry pumps rotor so it can eliminate various useless gases like corrosive, toxic dust, steam, etc.
  • Dry pumps are oil-free, they are corrosion-free, and environment friendly. It requires less maintenance cost and is easy to operate.

Working Principles of Vacuum Pumps

It is mainly developed to use for other traditional water ring and oil ring vacuum pumps. Due to its unique design principles like seal design, resistant coating, and advanced technologies the performance is better than the traditional vacuum pump. The principle behind the vacuum pump is to create a vacuum by expanding the volume of a container. Our clients can avail these pumps in various specifications as per their requirements. Following are the four main categories of industrial vacuum pumps.

  • Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • Screw Vacuum Pump
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
  • Dry Claw Vacuum Pump

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