Are You Looking For Dry Screw Vacuum Pump(Oil Free Vacuum Pump)

But Struggling with These 10 Common Problems ?

  • Process vapour contamination.
  • Escape of uncondensed process vapour leading to Loss of Recovery & an Environment Hazard.
  • High Utility Cost of Oil &/Or Water, high consumption of steam.
  • Water/oil contamination with process vapour & cost of treatment.
  • Inconsistent vacuum leading to low yeild & poor product quality.
  • High power consumption.
  • Failure to recover costly process solvent.
  • Poor service and spare support leading to high downtime in production.
  • Pump corrosion leading to poor performance.
  • High batch cycle times.

And not sure of how to solve them, then "EVEREST" Dry Vacuum Pump is the ideal solution to solving all these problems.

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The clear benefits of dry vacuum pump technology, especially hybrid variable pitch screw pump chemical dry pumps, are evident and tangible in many essential applications. This pump is a well-designed, cost-effective, safe and reliable solution to processing requirements. These are Oil free vacuum pumps. These pumps do not require oil or water for sealing and lubrication of the vacuum stages. These dry vacuum systems are therefore free from pollution and effluent generation.

Oil-Free Vacuum Pump Operation:

  • Two parallel, non-contacting, helical screw-shaped rotors (1) or (2) make up a dry screw vacuum pump. Fig. 1. Rotating at high speeds using precision gears (3). They rotate in opposite directions and trap gas at the suction pocket (5), compressing & transporting it to the exhaust port (6) and into the exhaust cavity (7). The gas is transported by the compression chambers, or pockets , which are formed by the walls of the stator (9).
  • There are very small gaps between the screws and stators, as well as between intermeshing screws. This ensures that there is less reverse leakage towards the inlet than the forward flow of gas created by the screw pockets.
  • The length of the sealing border (i.e. the number of spirals or tight clearances) prevents reverse flow of the pumped gasses. Pumps fitted with compression plates at discharge sometimes experience slight reverse expansion when the outlet valve or port is first exposed. As the screw action reduces the volume of trapped gas, this is quickly expunged.
dry screw vacuum pump
  • The width of the "sealing land" at the ends of the screw profile is the main factor controlling the reverse flow of gas. These large lands are located close to the stator, minimizing reverse gas leakage. Screw pumps can have a maximum pressure of 0.01 torr (0.01mBar).
  • Variable pitch models use compressed gas to increase compression and prevent the exhaust pump from bursting. This distributes heat loads more evenly along the length of the rotating shafts. Single pitch models have more compression in the last half-turn of the rotor against a valve or compression plate, which biases the heat generation toward the exhaust. Temperatures must be high enough to prevent condensation and low enough that they do not cause auto-ignition or polymerization. Variable pitch pumps have a progressive increase in the exhaust gas temperature to prevent condensation of vapours. Variable pitch screw pumps use more power than single pitch ones.
  • The surrounding jacket is used to cool the environment. You can choose to have your pumps either closed-loop or direct. The latter has many benefits, such as the fact that the cooling water of the plant is not in direct contact with the pump material. Also, the jacket will not corrode or become soiled due to low cooling water quality.
  • There is a gas ballast port (10) available, if required. It can be used to heat up a cold pump, dry a wet pump faster, remove flammable vapor from its flammable range, and clean solids from a pump, especially during solvent flushing.

Thermal Management in Dry Vacuum Pumps:

For reliable operation of a chemical Dry Screw Vacuum Pump, thermal management is crucial.

If the pump is TOO COLD for the process being performed, aggressive vapours can condense. This could lead to corrosion, dilution of oils, and swelling of seals. This is a serious problem that can only be caused if the vapor is allowed to condense into the liquid due to the heavy compression happening inside the pump.

If the operating temperature of the pump is too high for the process being performed, undesirable reactions like polymerization and auto-ignition can occur. To prevent this, high bearing temperatures or thermal seizure may be added as add-on instrumentation.

dry vacuum pumps

Although internal coatings can reduce some of the above effects, they should not be relied upon. While coatings are great for protecting the pump during installation and commissioning, they will not last long in the vacuum and temperatures where the pumps spend the majority of their time. Thus Everest has come up with special alloy steel rotors which are ENP plated for longer lifespan. Everest has also developed stainless steel screw rotors that are becoming very popular in corrosive operating environments.

It is important to make sure that process vapours remain in the vapours phase (Green area) as shown in the figure below. There are several ways to make sure this happens: temperature/flow control for the pump coolant; nitrogen purge to increase process dew point; and inlet condensers that remove vapor upstream from the pump.

Additional features can be added to the pump system in order to increase reliability and address system problems. A solvent flush system is one example to ensure that the pumping mechanism remains clean and free from any contaminants. Another example is knock-out pots (KOPs), which are filters that capture liquid and powder slugs, when they are not prevented.


ModelNominal Displacement (50/60 Hz)Ultimate VacuumPower(KW)Rotation (RPM)Cooling Water FlowGear Oil (Mineral)Approx Weight (Bare Shaft)
㎥/hrCFMTorrPa50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 HzLts./MinLtsKgs
ESPH 150120/15070/900.751003.73.7290034805~101.2200
ESPH 300250/300150/1800.075107.57.52900348010~151.8300
ESPH 400330/400195/2350.075107.5112900348010~152.2380
ESPH 800660/800390/4700.056.6611152900348015~203500
ESPH 15001250/1500735/8850.056.6630371470175030~4081200
ESPH 30002250/27001325/15900.056.6645551470175030~40101500
STD Standard ApplicationCX Corrosive ApplicationCL Clean Application
SEAL TYPEHVSHV (Suction) Double Lip (PTFE+PTFE) SealHV (Suction) Double Lip (PTFE+PTFE) Seal on Alloy Steel Sleeve (H&G)HV (Suction) Double Lip (PTFE+PTFE)
LVSLV (Discharge) Double Lip (PTFE+PTFE) and Mechanical Bellow Seal (AM350+Viton),N2 PurgedLV (Discharge) Double Lip (PTFE+PTFE) and Mechanical Bellow Seal (HAST-C+Kalrez),N2 PurgedLV (Discharge) Double Lip (PTFE+PTFE)
MOCBODYC.I FG 260 with PEEK coatingAlloy Cast Iron with ENP+PEEK coatingC.I FG 260 with ENP
SCREWDuctile Iron with PEEK coatingAlloy Ductile Iron with ENP+PEEK coatingDuctile Iron with ENP
CP PLATEC.I FG 260 with PEEK coating Alloy Cast Iron with ENP+PEEK coatingC.I FG 260
GP PLATEC.I FG 260 with PEEK coatingAlloy Cast Iron with ENP+PEEK coatingC.I FG 260
  • ENP coating on Alloy Cast Iron Casing
  • ENP coating on Alloy Ductile Iron Screws
  • Hast-C Bellow M/Seal with Kalrez O-ring
  • PTFE Double Lip seal on SS 410 Hardened and Ground Bush
  • Synthetic Lubrication Oil
  • N Inlet and N Seal Purge
  • PLC Controlled Logic of all instrumentation
  • PEEK/HALAR coated internals of all pipelines (opt.)
  • PTFE lined SS 304/316 Valves
  • Thermostatic Control Valve (TCV): To maintain optimum operating temperature of the pump thereby limiting any vapour condensation
  • Top Suction/Bottom Discharge: To ensure the free gravity flow of any condensate/solvent getting condensed within the pump

11 Unique Benefits which help Solve Your Problems !!!

  • 100% Dry Vacuum Pumping, No Contamination of Process Vapour with Sealing Fluid.
    - 100% Product Purity Intact, No Contamination
    - 100% Product Process Vapour Condensation/Recover possible.
  • No steam, no water, no oil as sealing fluid in contact, low cost of Operation & Utility.
  • Rugged & Robust Design for Harsh Tropical Environment reducing downtimes by more than 27% over other similar technologies.
  • Gen III (2021) Patented Design Hybrid Pitch Screw having high volumetric efficiency leading to consistent vacuum levels without any fluctuation.
    - High Product YEILD.
    - High Product QUALITY.
  • Tripple Sealing on Suction (Patented Seal Design) leads to higher Ultimate Vacuum of up to 10-³.
  • Up to 33% more power efficient as compared to conventional similar sized vacuum pumps.
  • Lowest (m3/kw) power consumption ratio.
  • Special Alloy Steel, Coated/Plated Screw & Casing capable to pump TOXIC & CORROSIVE VAPOUR without much adverse effect.
  • High Vapour/Liquid Handling Capability as compared to a VARIABLE PITCH screw design thus preferred for apllications handling Vapour.
  • Top Suction, Bottom Discharge Design best suited for pumping high vapour which has tendency to condense within the pump.
  • Up to 37% reduction in batch time when compared to WET PUMPS
  • Best in INDUSTRY VALUE FOR MONEY Proposition.

Benefits That You Can Expect

  • 100% Product Purity Intact, No Contamination.
  • 100% Product Process Vapour Condensation Possible.
  • High Speed Operation, High Volumetric Efficiency & Low Slip losses.
  • Best Suited for Harsh Tropical Conditions & Outdoor Installations. Thermal clearances and heat dissipation calibrated accordingly.
  • Gen III (2021) design with optimized High Efficiency screw Rotor Profile.
  • Local Vacuum Centres
  • Tripple Sealing on suction (Patented) leading to higher ultimate blank off vacuum of up to 10-³.
  • Up to 30% more efficient from similar size conventional Vacuum Pump.
  • Low Power Consumption ratio (m3/KW).
  • Local Spare Part Availability.
  • Local Manpower Availability for Faster Deployment.

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