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Everest has many “First Time” credits to itself due to continuous exploration of New Application Areas. Everest Group is a Radical Innovator. We expand the market. Most of other players in the industry work as incremental innovators. Incremental innovators focus on trying to grab market share from the competition and fight within the existing market space. Radical innovators go a step further. They create a brand new space for themselves and bring in buyers from two streams: existing and brand new. Our USP “We don’t just offer blowers, boosters & systems, We offer SOLUTIONS !!!!!” helps us in becoming a radical innovator.

First Time Achievement in Dry Screw Pumps

Solvent Recovery Systems

Design & Manufacture of solvent recovery systems to curb pollution. These systems not only play an important role by making the process eco-friendly but also recover precious solvents for reuse. Most of the pharmaceutical processes have low boiler solvents which are undesirable if expelled into atmosphere. On installation of solvent recovery system, most of the solvent can be recovered back. The demand of such systems is growing exponentially due to increasing environmental awareness and corporate responsibility.

Achievement representation in the field of dry screw pumps

Vacuum Systems For Waste Oil Re-Refining

Vacuum Systems for Waste Oil Distillation for both continuous duty & batch processes. Custom designed, compact, skid mounted packages having a combination of pumps, inter-stage traps, demisters with process specifically engineered control panel for total automation. The process is approved by various Pollution Control Boards, is environment friendly & consumes minimal energy.

Dry Screw Pump First Time Achievement Representation

Mechanical Vacuum Boosters For Replacement of Steam Jet Ejectors.

Mechanical Vacuum Booster offers an efficient replacement to steam ejector, for most of the applications, as they overcome major drawbacks associated with steam ejectors. The major advantages of Mechanical Booster being :- (a) Mechanical Vacuum Boosters are more energy efficient. (b) Minimum of auxiliary equipment is needed; unlike for steam ejectors, which need large condensers, cooling towers, re-circulation pumps etc. (c) Mechanical Vacuum Boosters are dry pumping system and don’t give rise to water and atmospheric pollution. (d) Startup time for mechanical booster is very low making them ideal for Batch process operation where immediate startup and shut down is essential for energy conservation. Apart from the above, the operating costs for mechanical vacuum systems are low, resulting in extremely short pay back period.

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Dry Pumping Technology.

Everest, Leaders in Vacuum Technology, offer Dry Vacuum Pumping Systems developed using diverse designs and cross links to suit individual process requirements and act as import substitutes. Everest supplies a diverse range of vacuum systems from standard compact units to complex purpose built systems with integrated instrumentation and control panels for local or remote operation. These systems are supplied as skid mounted ready to connect units. Everest Vacuum Pumping Systems are known for their reliability and innovative design, offer unmatched quality, value & performance and are easy to use and maintain.

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Mechanical Vapour Recompressor

Everest Group has introduced Mechanical Vapour re-compressors for recovery of latent heat from spent steam. In mechanical vapour compression, positive displacement compressors are generally used to raise the pressure and temperature of the generated vapors. Since mechanical compressors do not require any motive steam, all vapors can be compressed to elevated pressure and temperature eliminating the need for subsequent recovery system. The energy supplied to the compressor constitutes the additional energy input to vapors. After compression of vapor and subsequent condensation of the same, hot condensate leaves the system.

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LTTD ( Low Temperature Thermal Desalination)

Sea water contains dissolved salts having a concentration of about 35,000 ppm which is too high for use by human beings. This level must be reduced below 500 ppm before it can be used. Distillation is the oldest and the most commonly used method of desalination, where sea water is evaporated and vapours then condensed giving clean water. The latent heat of water is about 540 kcal/kg making the process highly energy intensive and conventional distillation columns prove uneconomical for production due to high input energy requirements. Various techniques are being used to recover the latent heat like multi effect evaporators, which can lower the energy requirement costs drastically. In LTTD method the energy requirement for the evaporation of water are taken from sea which makes the process eco-friendly and uses renewable source of energy. LTTD uses the temp difference which exists between the surface layer water (28˚-30˚C) & deep sea layer water (7˚-10˚C) existing in an ocean to produce potable water. The above technology can extensively be used in many chemicals plants for treatment of effluent. In fact a project on similar lines has already been conducted for concentration of Sodium Chloride solution in one of the large pesticide manufacturing units in India.

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Canned Motor Mechanical Vacuum Boosters

Canned Motor Mechanical Vacuum Boosters developed to meet the stringent requirements of high vacuum industry and research organizations where leak tightness is of prime concern.