HADAF International Engineering Company Ltd


Name of the Consultant

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions(India) Pvt. Ltd.

Brief Description of Customer Process

Paraffin & Derivative Expansion Project for manufacturing of industrial surfactants and additive products for heavy fuel treatment, lubes, heat transfer fluids, mining and oil field applications

Brief Description of what we have supplied to them

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump with anti-corrosive coatings to evacuate industrial chemicals and gases in manufacturing of industrial surfactants.

Features of our Product

  • High Suction Capacity
  • Faster Vacuum Generation
  • 100% Dry Technology
  • ATEX Complied pumps
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • No use of natural resources like Water

Benefits of our Product

  • High Volumetric Displacement
  • High Vacuum Level
  • Consistent Vacuum Level
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Low Maintenance
  • Less Footprint
  • Non-polluting

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