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Mechanical Vacuum Booster Manufacturer

Mechanical Vacuum Boosters are dry pumps that work as auxiliary units to vacuum pumps. It is used for a number of applications where a higher vacuum is required, the environment is concerned, and with lower ultimate pressure. Everest Vacuum offers a complete choice of vacuum systems applicable in industrial processes. We have specialization in offering the most advanced and highly reliable vacuum boosters. These boosters are demanded to deal with huge gas volumes in low positive pressure applications. Its free rotation mechanism is powered by shaped lobes that are fabricated from premium-grade material. These systems find their applications in atmospheric pressure industries, where the pump deals with a large volume of vapor or gas. More electric motors are being introduced in this system. Motors with different work capacities are creating vacuums. These motors are manufactured by using very high-quality raw materials that are sourced from very reliable vendors. These vendors are connected with us over a very long period. Our offered vacuum booster system can be ordered at the market-leading price from us.

Everest Booster Pumps enhance the performance, ultimate vacuum, and pumping speed of oil-sealed / water-ring / dry vacuum type of mechanical pumps, which are generally utilized in the business. For many decades, mechanical vacuum boosters have been used as an important part of the Vacuum system. A mechanical Booster enhances the pumping capacity to a great extent and creates a high vacuum. Evacuation time is shorter and it achieves a pressure range which normal pumps cannot obtain.

mechanical vacuum booster

Among various options available for pumping systems, Vacuum Booster is a proficient choice as it gives high vacuum and pumping limits. It will help in improving the overall functions and working of conventional vacuum pumps. Applications of Boosters include the vacuum distillation process, vacuum drying process, vacuum heating process, refining of industrial oil, coating, semiconductor process, cooling, separation of fluids, solvent recovery, vacuum impregnation, degassing, vacuum freeze process, and so on.

The key advantage of systems using this booster is that provides a high flow rate with minimum power. Our EVB Series Boosters are fast reaching to operation vacuum degree and smooth operation is available and give customer satisfaction and use in different application like Chemical Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Food Processing, Bulb and CFB Industry, Industrial processing.


Everest Vacuum is a prominent and certified manufacturer and supplier of Mechanical Vacuum Booster of premium quality standards with an easy-to-use manufacturing setup and best industrial solutions. Our products have the ideal vacuum degree and smooth functioning with the quality design and required installation accessories which gives complete satisfaction to customers.

Some important features include:

  • Very high and efficient pumping capacity of 0.001 mbar with a suitable backup vacuum pump.
  • Advanced technology design which makes our products durable and easy to operate.
  • Leakproof boosters with the latest technology design.
  • All products are completely tested.
  • Significant time saving, power-saving, and low maintenance cost.
  • Mechanical vacuum boosters deliver dry and clean gas because of an oil-free pump.
  • All products have a high bearing capacity and trouble-free operations.
  • Combination with other backing vacuum pumps will give higher speeds and reduced ultimate pressure.
  • Due to the special material used in manufacturing, it is suitable for pumping corrosive, condensable, and toxic gases.
  • No friction of metals between lobes and casing will give a better life.
  • 10 times higher vacuum as compared to other boosters.
  • Reduced batch time as compared to other vacuum boosters.
  • High Life of oil seals and rings to make it durable.
  • Rotors are made up of CNC systems to avoid tolerances and to make it dynamically balanced.
  • Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
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