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Everest started manufacturing Twin Lobe Rotary Air ( Positive Displacement) Blowers way back in 1980. Over the years the company has expanded its technological base as well as setup, bringing a wide range of products. The current range of manufacturing includes Roots Blowers, Blower Packages, Industrial Vacuum Systems, Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps, Mechanical Vacuum Boosters & Acoustic Hoods.

Sales & Marketing is done are through a network of Direct sales representatives, distributors and few agents. Everest has a complete Marketing & After Sales Support – with strong infrastructure all over India.

In the Sales, Application, Service and Marketing division people have years of application experience and are totally capable of helping you determine your best process solutions. Everest has always laid focus on “Providing Solutions”, rather than simply “Selling Products”.

Everest Blowers has made a mark in the industry for its excellent workmanship. It has earned its reputation because of its high quality machine parts and ingenious designs.

Our commitment to total quality management ( TQM ) in both our products and services is the foundation upon which the pillars of our future business are based.

For more than three decades Everest has offered its customers quality and cost-effective equipment’s, necessary to meet the changing technology and keeping it up to date with market needs.

Blowers Serve a Wide Variety of Applications, from Water and Waste Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Pneumatic Conveying, Vacuum Blowers, Steel / Sponge Iron industries, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry, Agrochemical, Menthols and Essential Oils, Degassing, Electrical, Transformer Drying and Purification, Waste Oil Re- Refining, Truck Suckers and many more.

We know that performance of the OEM’s design ultimately depends on the quality and dependability of its components. As a company structured to serve the OEM, we understand the critical requirements that each OEM applications has in terms of power, space, noise, air flow, vibration, cost and more. Our standard models of Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps meet the exact requirements of the OEM application at the lowest possible cost, giving complete worth of the product and service intended.

We consistently work towards strengthening our technological base aiming to deliver reliable and moldable product line to our users. Our focus is to provide robust range and impeccable years of service (before and after sales), in cutting edge and demanding applications.

Everest is Directly or Indirectly exporting our products like Blowers and Vacuum Pumps to countries like U.S.A., Iraq, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan & Bangladesh, Australia, Philippines, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the entire Middle Eastern Market.

We are also very proud to be amongst the very few Indian “Engineering Product Manufacturers” to have exported regularly to countries like “Germany, Italy, Portuguese and others in the EU”.

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