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Roots Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

Everest Vacuums has been a major player and prominent manufacturer, offering an entire range of vacuum pumps and vacuum spare parts for decades. Our excellence in designing and manufacturing world-class vacuum pumps has led us to the top position. With the constantly growing demand for Vacuum systems in various industrial fields, we are serving your needs by providing the widest range of Vacuum systems.

For years, Roots Vacuum Pump has been well developed in the area of Vacuum technology. Roots pumps are used where great volumes must be pumped. With the continuous development of the economy, the roots vacuum pump unit is also developing quickly. As compared to other backing pumps, the roots vacuum pump is divided into the low vacuum, medium vacuum, and high vacuum roots vacuum pump according to the working pressure range. The structure of this vacuum pump is very simple and compact, and it is not sensitive to the dust and steam in the gas being pumped. Everest Vacuum develops and designs various kinds of vacuum products widely used in food, aerospace, chemical, military, electronic, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, textile, cleaning, environmental protection, and other high-tech fields.

Roots vacuum pumps are suitable where a dry and clean atmosphere is important. They are mostly used in the manufacturing of solar panels and semiconductors, as well as for coatings and other industrial applications like pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemical industries.

roots vacuum pump


  • High pumping speed with high pressure.
  • Fast working, time-saving, and energy-saving.
  • Excellent dynamic balance, very low vibration, and no exhaust valve.
  • Portable, small space required and easy to operate.
  • No internal friction and no oil make the product durable.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs.

Everest Chemical Process Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is a kind of common equipment in chemical production. It basically draws air from the container to acquire and keep up with the vacuum. Chemical Process Vacuum Pump includes liquid ring vacuum pumps, dry vacuum systems, and so on. Everest vacuum is a renowned brand, offering ideal and comprehensive solutions for all types of chemical processes according to your necessity from the leading vacuum pump.

Vacuum systems are very vital in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Vacuum systems play an important role in the production, unit cost, power costs, environmental issues as well as safe working with high acidic and chemical gases and fluids and dusty, corrosive, damp atmosphere. A wide range of vacuum systems is available for serving chemical, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Our pumps are providing maximum output by increasing efficiency.
  • Low maintenance costs and minimum environmental pollution.
  • 100% Safe, tested, and standard quality products.
  • This pump is designed to tolerate harsh chemical contamination. The vital internal parts of the pump are corrosion resistant.
  • Reliable and chemical resistance material will give durability to the vacuum systems.
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