Are you a Cashew Nut Shell Oil Manufacturer?

Are you a Cashew Nut Shell Oil Manufacturer?

Are you Struggling with a Low and Inconsistent Vacuum?

Are you a Victim of any of these 9 problems?

  1. Process Vapour Contamination?
  2. Process Vapour escaping to atmosphere leading to product losses?
  3. Low and Inconsistent Vacuum?
  4. High Vacuum pump utility and treatment cost? (Oil/Water)
  5. Low Product Yeild? High Processing Cost?
  6. High Batch Cycle times, more time to generate desired vacuum levels?
  7. High Temperature to carry out distillation?
  8. Vacuum Fluctuation during distillation process?
  9. Harrasment of Pollution Control Board?

Common Mistakes...

CNSL Resin Manufacturing Process Owners make while making Vacuum Pump Selection !!!

  1. Wrong Sizing of the Vacuum Pump
  2. Mismatch in Pumping Speeds of the Booster and Backup vacuum pump leading to overheating of machines.
  3. No prefilter to backup pump leading to process particulate carryover and chocking of the backup pump
  4. No installation of intermediate condenser to trap and condense process vapours at a higher pressure.
  5. Choice of the right capacity of the Booster pump to deliver consistent and high pumping speeds to process for consistent deep vacuum
  6. Right instrumentation giving appropriate feedback at the right time.
  7. Common Integrated Electric Control Panel with PLC logic to control combination vacuum pumps simultaneously based on closed loop feedback.


Everest Solution to this Problem

Everest offers combined skid mounnted pre-designed ready to ship vacuum systems dedicatedly deigned for CNSL Distillation under vacuum and has multiple sucessful installations. These skid mounted units are complete in all aspects such as

  1. Right Vacuum Pump Sizing Combination.
  2. Pre-Filter and Pre-Condenser to Backup Pump to minimize process contamination and carryover to backup pump.
  3. Optimized specific power consumption, benchmarked to be amongst the best in class (Watt/m3, pumped)
  4. Battery Limits piping and utilities connection.
  5. Necessary Instrumentation such as Transmitters, Solenoids, Gauges etc.
  6. All allied piping and valves.
  7. Electric Control Panel with propritery logic to control combination vacuum pumps.

Most Popular Benefits...

That Cashew Nut Shell Oil Manufacturers report after using Everest Vacuum CNSL Distillation System

  1. 100% Dry Vacuum Pumping, no external sealing fluid contamination
  2. 100% Product Purity Intact
  3. 100% Process Vapour Recovery Post Vacuum pump possible
  4. No Steam, No Oil, No Water - thus no external contamination. Lowest cost of utility.
  5. Rugged & Robust Design for Harsh Trpopical Enviornment reducing downtimes by more than 27% over other similar technologies
  6. Gen III (2021) Patented Design Hybrid Pitch Screw having high volumetric efficnacy leading to consistent vacuum levels wihout any fluctuation.
    • High Product YEILD.
    • High Product QUALITY.
  7. "Upto 33% more power efficient as compared to conventional similar sized vacuum pumps.Lowest (watt/m3) specific power consumption ratio."
  8. Top Suction, Bottom Discharge Design best suited for pumping high vapour which has tendency to condense within the pump.
  9. Upto 37% reduction in batch time when compared to WET PUMPS
  10. Upto 52% reduction in operating cost as compared to other conventional vacuum pump technologies.

THE TECHNOLOGY of Cashew Nut Shell Oil Distillation

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) or Cashew Oil or Cashew Nut Shell Oil is a dark reddish brown viscous liquid, extracted from a soft honeycomb structure inside the cashew shell. It is a natural and renewable biomaterial. Thus, it offers much advantage over synthetics. CNSL is often considered as cost effective and better modern materials for unsaturated phenols. Cardanol is basically a monohydroxy phenol with a long carbon chain in the meta-position. It has the potential as a substitute for phenol in resin phenolic-based chemical products. Main Process of Cardanol extraction from Natural CNSL comprises the conversion of natural CNSL into technical CNSL in which anacardic acid is de-carboxylated into cardanol.

Cardanol is distilled from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid.Cardanol can be manufactured in batch or continuous distillation process. A batch of Decarboxylated CNSL is heated to 250°C under high Vacuum in a reactor. After removal of initial impurities such as water and other low boilers Cardanol distillation begins and the vapour that is getting evaporated under vacuum is collected in a condenser and consensed with the right utilitis and collected in reciever.

Technical CNSL is obtained mainly from cardanol (60–65%), cardol (15–20%), polymeric material (10%), and traces of methyl cardol. Cardanol is sent to distillation for further purification.

Vacuum plays an important role in the evaporation process. Now days, water ring pump (WRP) is used in this process but these vacuum systems require lot of water as sealant fluid that circulate inside pump casing and in every minute process carry over contaminates the sealant water that’s why there is need of change of sealant water at regular interval of time. The treatment of waste water generated from WRP becomes difficult to treat and that makes the process less economical.

Everest Dry Screw vacuum pump has been used successfully in this process, No water contamination occurs as no sealing fluid is required that makes the process economical and keeps the environment clean.Automated scheduled flushing cycles are performed with suitable solvent at regular intervals to make the system maintenance free, hence adding value to the complete supply chain. "



S. No. Description Natural CNSL Cardanol
1 Molecular formula C22H30O3 C21H30O
2 Molecular Mass 342 298
3 Appearance Dark Brown Light Pale Brown
4 Density g/cm³ 1.009 0.92
5 Boiling Point - 435 ºC @ atm., 225 ºC@ 2-3torr
6 Viscosity, cP@30˚C 343 45-60






Years of Experience


More than 100000+ installations worldwide of Roots Vacuum Pumps


5+ Patents & In house recognized R&D Team


National Award Winner 1st Prize, Energy Efficient Pump


Presence in all Major States with regional offices in Hyderabad & Baroda & 15+ Field Service Engineers.


Annual production of more than 10000+ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps



Years of Experience

Years of Experience


More than 100000+ installations worldwide of Roots Vacuum Pumps

More than 100000+ installations worldwide of Roots Vacuum Pumps


5+ Patents & In house recognized R&D Team

5+ Patents & In house recognized R&D Team


National Award Winner 1st Prize, Energy Efficient Pump

National Award Winner 1st Prize, Energy Efficient Pump


Presence in all Major States with regional offices in Hyderabad & Baroda & 15+ Field Service Engineers.

Presence in all Major States with regional offices in Hyderabad & Baroda & 15+ Field Service Engineers.


Annual production of more than 10000+ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Annual production of more than 10000+ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

















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42+ years experience in manufacturing roots vacuum pump with more than 43% market share & more than 10000 installations serving more than 2700+ customers.


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Pan India Presence of more than 40 years with Sales & Service Staff of more than 40+ people deployed all across the country with regional offices in Hyderabad & Baroda


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DISR, Govt. of India Approved & Recognized In House R&D Lab with 5+ Patents and National Award Winner, Energy Efficient Pumps.


Everest Vacuum is a leading vacuum systems solution provider with great after sales service & support, they have done brilliantly well in understanding our
complete product & process requirement, designed a customised solution for us & supported us in commissioning of the product in the right fashion. We had to upgrade our installations from Stem/Water Jet ejectors to Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps looking into the enormous advantages that it would offer in terms of consistent deep vacuum & environmental friendly technology. We are very glad that we dealt with such a company who demonstrated high standards of professionalism along without losing sight of customer requirements. We would like to work with them again in the future & wish them all the best.

Mr. Kunal Sikchi

MD, Matrix LifeSciences


We have been using Everest Dry Vacuum Pumps & Systems for more than 5 years now. Everest machines are running very efficiently and have helped us save millions of rupees in terms of enhancement in productivity, downtime and innovative engineering.


Mr. RP Bhosale

AVP, Engineering (Vinati Organics limited)

The Machines procured from Everest are running well in our processes. The Commissioning team of Everest has shown their expertise with the processes and has successfully completed the commissioning of the machine.


Mr. Suresh Bahadur

AVP, Admark Polycoats Pvt Ltd.